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March 28, 2010


Mixed-media and Personification

Mixed-media and Personification

     Resiliency is a bit of a cowboy. He usually shows up when you’re lying face down in the dirt.  You notice his boots first. “Need a hand there partner?” he’ll ask in a gravely voice with a tip of his hat. If you take him up on his offer, you’ll feel the rough calluses of his palm as he lifts you back onto your feet. Resiliency’s received more eviction notices and rejection slips than there are stars in the Milky Way. He’ll build the two of you a campfire, play a few bars on his harmonica, and pour you a cup of coffee strong enough to grow hair on your chest. As he dishes out plates of refried beans and hominy, he’ll bet his last dollar that failure is life’s most misunderstood blessing.
     Resiliency lives in a rustic cabin on the high desert of the Southwest. He has no electricity or telephone service. He gets up before dawn, splashes his face with cold water, and goes out to the barn to saddle up his horse. He doesn’t bother with a car, not since his old clunker went up for auction after it was repossessed. Aside from a few pots and pans and some woolen blankets, Resiliency doesn’t boast many possessions. He likes to decorate with odds and ends collected on long rides along unmarked trails. His porch railings are lined with rusted railroad ties, animal bones, and abandoned bird’s nests filled with an assortment of gnarled and spiky seed pods.
     Resiliency is an amateur cartographer. He spends hours pouring over antique maps in dimly lit library alcoves.  He uses a compass to navigate uncharted territory and sits up nights by candlelight plotting the ups and downs of his travels. He hasn’t yet met a mountain pass or river gorge he can’t get over or around. Resiliency used to raise turkeys, but he released them one evening when he realized they were getting him down. Down is not one of Resiliency’s favorite hot spots. If it were a movie, he’d only give it one star.
    When you ask Resiliency how he’s doing, he’ll say, “A day above ground is a good day.” He always tells the truth. He’s not a believer in fairy tales and magic wands. He keeps his eyes pointed straight ahead. If there’s a dead end in his future, he’ll deal with it when it rises to meet him face to face. Resiliency has a great sense of humor. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. If you hang out with him long enough, he’ll spin you yarns about Misfortune that will make you speechless with laughter. Cleansing tears will spill down your face like rain through a gutter.

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  1. Jodie permalink
    March 31, 2010 6:14 am

    I’ve met him in a few of those dimly-lit library alcoves! Next time you see him, ask what his take on internet dating is.


    • April 2, 2010 6:11 am

      I usually bump into Resiliency every Monday morning on my way into the kitchen, so I’ll ask him then. It’s a good question, one I should find the answer to myself as well.

      Thanks for visiting my favorite scuffed clog. xo


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