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April 2, 2010


Mixed-media and Personification


     Wonder spends a majority of her moments on earth in a state of speechlessness. Words fail her when she attempts to utter them. She finds it frustrating how few there are to choose from. She spent one winter memorizing the dictionary, but it was to no avail. She still felt at a loss. On the rare occasion that Wonder does speak, it is only to ask “Why?” or “What if?” She finds questions so much easier to grow than answers. She asks them most often while sitting in the back seat during a long car ride. The only way to have a conversation with Wonder is to read the pictures in her mind.
     Wonder doesn’t age. She’s been ten years old for a millennium. She is never without her constant companion Hector, a pink fairy armadillo whom she befriended during a sojourn in Central Argentina. Wonder has a fascination for ants and is often found watching intently as the tiny insects go about their daily business. As it so happened, Hector resided in a burrow next door to one of Wonder’s favorite ant watching outposts. He began to join her in the evenings as she sat, rapt and motionless, under a symphony of shooting stars. Inevitably, they became fast friends.
     Wonder is occasionally chided by Hector for acting somewhat like an absent-minded professor. She leans more toward clumsiness than elegance. She has been known to walk into sign posts while contemplating the latest article she read on quantum physics. Walls are a continual nuisance as she can never pass through them regardless of how many times she tries. Wonder paints butterfly wings and bird feathers for a living. She is never without her paints and brushes which she carries on her back in an unraveling burlap satchel. Whenever she travels long distances, which is quite often, she leaves behind trails of color in the sky.
      Wonder’s kitchen counters are lined with glass bottles and beakers containing experiments in various stages of development. Her garage is filled with treasures hauled home from the local junkyard. Her favorite movie is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which she could watch for days at a time if there weren’t so many other things requiring her close observation. Wonder visits her aunt Tranquility, and Tranquility’s husband Gratitude, every summer solstice to celebrate her birthday. Though she no longer ages, Wonder is not one to turn down cake and ice cream or presents and balloons. She may be clumsy and awkward, but she’s not stupid.           

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