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April 16, 2010


Mixed-media and Personification

Mixed-media and Personification

      Betrayal is impossible to recognize at first. Even when you do see him, his image is elusive and murky. He works in tandem with Shock who drips black ink into your crystal clear memory and chides you for being an unreliable witness. If you grew up with Betrayal, you tend to mistake him for Love which makes him all the more difficult to identify. He uses several aliases and never gives his real name. When the going gets tough, Betrayal gets going. He gets angry when his immediate needs aren’t attended to, even if you are busy jumping off a bridge.  
     Betrayal works as a butcher of words. He hacks them apart until they lose all meaning. He’s an expert at turning lies into promises. Sometimes, he scrapes together consonants and vowels and sells them for half-price. Not quite believing your luck, you purchase a parcel of kindness and a half-pint of trust only to return home to find that the “i” and the “t” smell like the remnants of shit. Don’t bother trying to return the spoiled goods. Betrayal will deny he ever sold them to you in the first place. Then, he’ll walk out the door, leaving you to fend for yourself in an empty room.
     Betrayal loves to point the finger. It’s his favorite form of exercise. He is a big talker. The sound of his own voice keeps him from having to hear the constant ringing of his telephone. Honesty is desperately trying to get a hold of him. She can see ghosts in Betrayal’s future; specters of broken confidences and cheapened words. If he doesn’t change his ways, they will haunt him in his twilight. Betrayal is not interested in Honesty’s insights. While he is quick to point out the flaws and mistakes of others, he is unwilling to examine his own. He cloaks himself in shadows and innuendo for a reason.
     Betrayal has a little girl named Beauty. He hasn’t seen her in years. He left town when she was eight. She still loves him because it’s her nature to love. After living with Grief on and off for a decade, she finally got her own place on the beach in Oregon. Now, more radiant than ever, she’s awash in the laughter and company of kindred spirits. Her windowsills are lined with jar upon jar of beach glass giggling in the ticklish rays of afternoon sunlight. Betrayal’s greatest treason is ultimately against himself. For, a life without Beauty is the saddest life of all.

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  1. Amy Relf Shreves permalink
    April 17, 2010 3:53 pm

    Hi Erin
    I just got to experience a lovely read through “Betrayal” — all too familiar, “Resilience” — still working on that, and “Wonder” — sometimes what I may have too much of . . . those damn walls! I hope your day is lovely.


    • April 17, 2010 10:23 pm

      Hi sweet friend,

      I thought you might relate. The Resiliency will come, each emotion in its own time. You’re walking with Grace and Honesty, which is all anyone can ask. Love you! xo e


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