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July 11, 2010


Mixed-media and Personification

Mixed-media and Personification

     Delight cartwheels to work every morning at the sunglass kiosk on the boardwalk. She sells shades of all colors, sizes, and perspectives along with a variety of one-of-a-kind hats. Mirrors peer out from every conceivable direction luring people to stop by on their bicycles and skates to try on different ways of seeing the world and themselves. Some lenses glitter and are tinted orange, others shimmer or play romantic movies, and a few pairs narrate the surroundings in poetry. Needless to say, Delight’s kiosk is always crowded with laughter, speechlessness, and jovial finger pointing. 
     Delight lives in a big house with no furniture. The walls and floors are cherished more for their possibility than for the shelter they provide. They serve as canvas for Delight’s favorite quotes from books and poems. Words spill across plaster in paint and pastel. When Delight comes upon a turn of the phrase or a play on words that she particularly likes, she dips it in butterscotch and sucks on it for days at a time. She punctuates each of her own sentences with “figuratively speaking,” as that is the only way she chooses to articulate herself.  
     Delight moonlights as a party planner. Surprise parties are her specialty. She is a master of the unexpected ending, the tour de force, and the optical illusion. She is known to plant love around monotonous corners and set off meteor showers when an opening appears in her schedule.  More often than not, Delight can be found in the company of her sisters Whimsy and Mirth. The three take long vacations from wearing shoes and walking in halls. They refinished the floors of Delight’s home in grass and sand, and run barefoot throughout; drawing on walls and talking in circles as they go.
     Delight is a founding member of The Society for the Preservation of Folly. She continues to serve on the board to this day. The SPF is known for its work preserving grassy hills for rolling down and increasing the minimum wage of street artists. They also work tirelessly to rescue people from boring meetings, and hold pontification clean-up days on the third Thursday of every month. Quarterly potlucks are held when Delight speaks in riddles. Her next lecture is on the topic of “Amazing Things That Are Orange.” All donated dishes, from appetizers to desert, should be orange in color to keep with the theme.

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  1. July 23, 2010 2:05 am

    I am writing to respectfully request the honor of consideration for admission into The Society for the Preservation of Folly. I would like to bring a Mango Cheesecake, Salmon Somethin’ or Other, and Doritos to your lecture, “Amazing Things That Are Orange”. A meteor shower would be a delightful addition to a funeral planned for tomorrow evening — IF you’re not busy . . . we won’t expect you, don’t worry.


    • July 29, 2010 4:33 am

      Consider yourself fully admitted or committed, action word of your choice. Are you sure you won’t consider making muskrat a l’orange in addition to the aforementioned dishes? I know it’s your signature recipe. Yes, a meteor shower or a full moon. It’s decided that the festivities will take place during your next visit. I’ve decided to wear orange for the funeral as well since it will be delightful. Perhaps you can sew us some festive orange scarves to dance around in while we recite haikus to our dearly departed Despair.


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