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June 29, 2011


mixed-media and personification

mixed-media and personification

       Acceptance is often ignored when he knocks, much like a solicitor. You stand just behind the curtains holding your breath, not moving, hoping he’ll just go away, which he does. He knows that’s just how it is at the moment. It’s not surprising the number of times he is brushed away like a mosquito. He looks about as interesting and entertaining as a pot holder. His countenance pales compared to the scintillating personality and verbosity of Illusion, whom you just happen to be hosting for the weekend. Not to brag or anything, but you’re actually hosting several Illusions, the cognoscenti of Illusions, as a matter of fact. It’s an Illusion-studded bacchanal. 
     Acceptance lives a quiet life with his partner Patience and their two dogs. They live in a fixer-upper which they are sometimes fixing up and sometimes not. Acceptance doesn’t mind the clog in the kitchen sink or the crack in the living room ceiling. He says to the clog, “Right now, you’re a clog. It won’t always be that way. But, for now, just be a clog. That’s what you are.” He says to the crack, “You’re a crack. So, be cracked. Be cracked until you aren’t anymore. If you need space to grow, well, by all means say so.” When you finally let Acceptance in, he treats you in the same way.
     Acceptance follows no particular ideology, but makes room for them all on his shelf in the living room. He appreciates his days whether they be bad, good, or in-between. He and Patience spend hours afloat in their canoe, going with the flow of the river beneath them, sometimes slowly, sometimes more slowly. They have no past and no future. They’re drawn like magnets to the silent empty spaces left behind when Illusion and his entourage disappear. It’s in one of these spaces where you finally begin to see Acceptance in a more favorable light. When he tries a new approach—sending you a friend request on Facebook—you click “accept.” Soon after, you notice that Acceptance has posted a sunrise on your Wall.

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  1. July 1, 2011 6:04 pm

    I just read it again. I love it. The part of having no past and no future is a crucial piece of its beauty. You’re the best!


  2. Tara permalink
    August 3, 2011 3:44 am

    This post was great! I am glad you introduced me to your blog. I will subscribe immediately. You have an amazing ability to personify emotion. Thank you.


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